The MAC&LOU Story

It seems that nowadays, the commercial world is destroying long-held beliefs. MAC&LOU  looks to the past, and creates a world of fashion that was visualized before billboards, fashion shows, and expensive ad campaigns.

We believe in creating timeless pieces, rather than fashion that will only last for a season. We believe in investing our time and money in creating quality, rather than having a marketing budget and overpaid CEOs. We believe in bringing you the best at the product's true value.

Here's our philosophy in detail.


Our designs are simple and clean. No unnecessary hardware, no bling-bling. When you find one of our products in your closet 10 years from now, you will never say 'I can't believe I used to wear something like that'.


We source the absolute best materials in the world, and each piece is crafted to last for a lifetime.
From the materials to the stitching to the finishing techniques, no corners are cut and no tasks are rushed.

We are not concerned about having a marketing budget for each year, a super expensive office, or alot of staff running around. We are concerned about the product that our customers will be holding in their hands, making sure that it is perfect.


Our products compare to premium European designers, but for a fraction of the price. We use the same materials they do with the same machinery and techniques.

When you buy our products, you don't have to overthink it, or create a fund for it. Our prices are low because we do not have retailers; we sell straight to you.


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